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Frequently Asked Landscaper Questions

How much does it cost?


Landscaper Brisbane Mt Gravatt: Each and every landscaping job presents a different environment in which the landscaping work needs to be done. Therefore a site assessment needs to be done by the landscaper and from the landscaper we can add; landscaping materials cost plus landscaper labour costs plus landscape business costs plus tax. There is no simple rule for how much to charge but an experienced landscaper using his landscaping ideas will know how long different landscaping jobs take and from this they can calculate a total cost for a landscape job. 

Do you charge by the hour or by the total cost of the job?


Landscaper Mt Gravatt: Depending on the nature of the job Jaga landscapes can charge by the hour or Jaga Landscapes can charge by the landscaping job. If the landscaping job is likely to have many variable factors then it might be best for the client to accept an hourly rate. If it is a reasonably straight forward landscape job then it is best to give a set price. Daniel Thomas from Jaga Landscapes will present his clients with the option that is most beneficial to them and his landscaping business. Mount Gravatt East Brisbane

Do you charge to Quote and Design?


Landscaper Brisbane Mount Gravatt East: Quotes are free and our quotes sometimes include a simple C.A.D design to help explain landscaping ideas and what we are charging for. 

Designs that need accurate measurements and accurate detail will cost the client money. The size of the job and the complexity of the job will determine the cost of the design. We can give a set price for designs or we can charge an hourly rate.