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QBCC Structural Landscaping License no. 1143119

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Daniel Thomas is a Brisbane Landscaper who can design and build landscaping projects using practical landscaping ideas.

"Big Dan" has been a self employed landscaper in Brisbane for over 15 years. Lay pavers or lay blocks or lay stone, He can do it! 

Best Work and Best Prices in Town, Guaranteed Work using QBCC contracts for your assurance of quality work. 

C.A.D Designs (Computer Aided Drafting)


Daniel Thomas can do designs using computer software. These designs are used to give clients a colour 2D/3D visual perspective of the work 'Big Dan' proposes.  These designs are usually simple to understand and give clients confidence to invest money on their real estate. It is best to have your designs done by an experienced landscaper as this will give you a practical design that involves the fastest and cheapest methods of building. 

Landscape Construction

Rendered retaining walls combined with concrete pavers to create a "Bondi Beach"    in Brisbane.

Daniel Thomas has experience in all aspects of residential landscaping on Brisbane properties. Jaga Landscapes has done 100's of paving jobs and retaining wall jobs all over Brisbane. Have a look at our photo galleries. Do some research such as looking at pavers and measuring your areas to try to understand costs of materials. Gather photos of landscaping ideas. Perhaps try to work out a budget so the design can be done to suit. Then give Daniel a call to discuss your landscaping project. 

Pavers Wellers Hill Chandler Brisbane

Pavers Chandler Wellers Hill landscape project Brisbane

Pavers Brisbane Corinda

Paving with recycled clay pavers on traditional Brisbane Homes is always a safe bet. 

Paving with clay pavers on brick homes is often a good idea too.